Winter / kerst Special

Houd het weekend 17-19 december vrij
De winter / kerst special voor de autopuzzeltocht Westerkwartier heeft 17-19 december een primeur! De nieuwe streekwinkel bij Landgoedboerderij Oosterheerdt is dan geopend! Daar wil je bij zijn.

Begin je autopuzzeltocht met een bezoek aan de streekwinkel. In een gezellige kerstsfeer kun je vast en zeker diverse lekkernijen bestellen en proeven. Heb je bij de route ook een kerstpakket besteld, dan kun je deze direct hier afhalen, of ga lekker zelf even shoppen.

Op de finishlocatie Strohotel Hayema Heerd wordt je warm ontvangen. Binnen en buiten is de boerderij feestelijk ingericht, met vuurkorven, kraampjes, diverse lekkernijen, én een klein winterwonderland mét de stro-iglo's als drie reuzen kerstballen in het weiland.

Rechtstreeks de route Westerkwartier - kerstspecial boeken kan hieronder.

Winter / kerst Special


Basic package

When purchasing the basic package for a LocalGroningen car puzzle route, you will receive the following:

  • detailed directions
  • description for special points
  • questions to win prizes
  • car bingo and puzzles for the kids

(Price basic package is per car).

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Luxury package

Available from a minimum of two cars (minimum four people) per booking.

When purchasing the Luxury package for a LocalGroningen car puzzle route, you will receive the following:

  • everything from the basic package
  • richly filled lunch with many products directly from the region (order 2 days in advance)
  • (healthy) snacks for on the road

(Price per two persons. Additional price for extra persons from € 12,50 pp for children; additional price for adults is € 17,50 pp).

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Winter/kerst special

Bij aankoop van het basispakket voor een LocalGroningen-autopuzzelrit ontvang je het volgende:

  • gedetailleerde routebeschrijving
  • beschrijving bij bijzondere punten
  • autobingo en (kerst)puzzels voor de kids
  • wanneer bijbesteld - je kerstpakket of voucher

(Prijs alleen basispakket is per auto).

Kerstpakket bijbestellen kan via dit bestelformulier

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Discover Zuidelijk Westerkwartier by car

The region where water, peat, wooded banks, and woodlands play the lead role. But there is more, so much more, and this car puzzle route will guide you along the most beautiful places.

Find your route through this charming and enchanting region. Discover historical and modern natural reserves, old fortified estates, beautiful villages, and commemorate historical figures. This route will show you how much diversity there is in the intimate vistas of all the region’s captivating places.

The Zuidelijk Westerkwartier offers something for everyone: nature fans, art connoisseurs, people looking for fun and “gezelligheid”, and families with children.

The car puzzle route can be driven on every day of the year. Still, in order to prevent the various stopping places down the road from overloading, we have put a limit to the amount of bookings per day. If you see that your chosen day is full, please choose a different one.

Route information

Route information

How does it work?

How does it work?

  • Choose your package from underneath, your route, and – if you already know – the date that you want to drive the car puzzle route.
  • After your order, you will receive a confirmation mail with a link. Via the link, you can download the instructions and introduction about the region.
  • At the starting location, you receive the route book with route navigation and a lot of information about the route and the region.
  • The folder also contains a question & answer sheet that you can win amazing prizes with.
  • For the children there’s an extra important task, namely: solving the fun puzzles and filling in the car bingo.

Catering during the car puzzle route

Would you like a picnic basket filled with a delicious lunch to bring along with your car puzzle route? We got you covered!

The ingredients for the lunch we get from local producers in the region, and many of the bites are homemade. You can collect your lunch package at the starting location Landgoedboerderij Oosterheerdt in Leek.

The lunch package is made by Love2Cook (please order at least 2 days in advance).

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