Car Puzzle Route Midden-Groningen

When you drive this route through Midden-Groningen, the wide-ranging beauty of the region will never cease to amaze you. You’ll encounter the numerous characteristic Oldambt- and peat farms, landscapes designed with drawing table precision, watercourses that originated during the ice age, and various new parts of impressively rough nature.

The treasury that is Midden-Groningen is also filled with many products and innovations that the rest of the Netherlands and even places around the world have been profiting from. That was already the case throughout history, is still the case today, and will continue to be the case into the future.

Do you want to discover what it was that brought that famously typical Groningen identity into being? Let yourself be immersed in the story about Midden-Groningen; what brought it into being, and what the future has in store for this region.

This car puzzle route can be driven the entire year around, from Wednesdays until Sundays.

Route Midden-Groningen for campervans

Especially for those who love to tour with the campervan we have developed a 2-day roadtrip. This way you can drive the routes Midden-Groningen and Wheat Republic in a very attractive way, with the start location and night stop being at the best camping places of the region. Curious? Read more.

Route information

Route information

  • Starting location: Borgerswoldhoeve, Veendam.
  • Finish location: Paviljoen Kaap Steendam, at the Schildmeer, Steendam.
  • Length: ca. 65 km.
  • Duration: ca. 3,5 – 4 hours, depending on the amount of stops.
  • This route can be driven every Wednesday through Sunday.
  • Start time: from 11.00 am onward.
  • During the route, you’ll get various tips for sunny terraces, lovely galleries, interesting museums, beautiful hiking trails, etc.
  • Are you driving with ≥ 3 cars, then you can order an additional lunch package from Boerderijcafé Mausel in Noordbroek.
How does it work?

How does it work?

  • Choose your package from underneath, your route, and – if you already know – the date that you want to drive the car puzzle route.
  • After your order, you will receive a confirmation mail with a link. Via the link, you can download the instructions and introduction about the region.
  • At the starting location, you receive the route book with route navigation and a lot of information about the route and the region.
  • The route book also contains a question & answer sheet that you can win amazing prizes with.
  • For the children there’s an extra important task, namely: solving the fun puzzles and filling in the car bingo.
Basic package

When purchasing the basic package for a LocalGroningen car puzzle route, you will receive the following:

  • detailed directions
  • description for special points
  • questions to win prizes
  • car bingo and puzzles for the kids

(Price basic package is per car).

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Luxury package

Available from a minimum of three cars per booking

When purchasing the Luxury package for a LocalGroningen car puzzle route, you will receive the following:

  • everything from the basic package
  • richly filled lunch with many products directly from the region (order 2 days in advance)
  • (healthy) snacks for on the road

(Price per car - minimum 2 persons. Additional price for extra persons from € 12,50 pp for children; additional price for adults is € 17,50 pp).

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Catering during the car puzzle route

LocalGroningen deems it of the highest importance to support our local entrepreneurs. We are therefore very happy with our collaboration with Borgerswoldhoeve, Boerderijcafé Mausel, and Kaap Steendam! You can expand the booking of your car puzzle route Midden-Groningen with:

  • A good cup of coffee/tea with delightful cake on the Borgerswoldhoeve terrace, before you start your journey (order and pay on the spot).
  • Deliciously savory “bitterballen” (typical Dutch street food) for on the road. Basic Package + BMVO
  • Did you order the route for multiple cars, and do you want to make your outing even more fun? Then order one of those richly filled lunch packages for on the backseat (only for bookings for 3 cars or more). The lunch packages can be picked up during the first part of the route, at Boerderijcafé Mausel in Noordbroek.
  • After the car puzzle route, you can enjoy the afterglow at the terrace of finish location Kaap Steendam. They have all kinds of drinks and deliciously homemade luxury beef burgers (order and pay on the spot).
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