The Children’s Car Puzzle Route Westerkwartier

Discover with your children the nicest places that the Westerkwartier has to offer. This is going to be the most fun car drive ever – for young and old!

Looking for an exciting adventure? Then this is the car puzzle route for you! With your binoculars ready, it will be a real exploration!

A beautiful route, games for in the car, exciting challenges with your binoculars. The route starts at the Struisvogelboerderij (“ostrich farm”) – you can even add a real ostrich safari to your booking here! During your journey, you will encounter the most fascinating things, play in Abeltje’s playground, and meet the famous explorer Abel Tasman in Lutje Batavia. To top it all off: eating delicious pancakes at the Pannenkoekenburcht Nienoord. You don’t want to miss this! Book your car puzzle route now, because full = full.

Route information

Route information

How does it work?

  • Choose your package and, if you already know, the date that you want to drive the car puzzle route.
  • After your order, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail with a link.
  • Via the link, you can download the introductory information.
  • At the starting location, you will receive your route-navigation book, a folder with all kinds of puzzles, the car bingo and question form, and those fun binoculars.
  • If you ordered the package Blotevoetenhof (“Bare feet courtyard”), then you can sign in at the teahouse in Opende.
  • Sign out at the finish location and, if you made a booking at the Pannenkoekenburcht, sign in at the restaurant. Enjoy your food!
How does it work?
Basic package

When you purchase the basic package for a children's car puzzle route, you will receive the following:

  • children's binoculars (to take home)
  • detailed directions
  • a few nice trips along the way
  • ask to win prizes
  • car bingo and puzzles for the kids.
  • it is possible to order a second pair of binoculars

(Price basic package is per car).

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Ostrich safari basic package

When purchasing the 'basic package with ostrich safari' you will receive the following:

  • everything from the basic package
  • a real ostrich safari at the starting location Ostrich Farm De Kreij

Price includes 2 persons. (Minimum 1 child < 12 years. Surcharge extra persons from € 3.50 pp).

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