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You’re looking for a present for a special person; but you don’t want to arrive with flowers or a bottle of wine again. Maybe it’s someone who has everything already and who’s been everywhere already. We can highly recommend a gift card for one of our LocalGroningen car puzzle routes.

Give one of those beautiful car puzzle rides, aka the “Route-Present,” for example for a birthday, or as a Christmas- or Sinterklaas present. Or how about the Route-Present as an engagement or wedding present? With our Car Puzzle Route gift, you are sure that you have a present that will bring happiness to anyone!

What’s better than touring through the region, along the most beautiful spots, picturesque villages, and medieval churches. Stop on your way for a nice walk, a drink on a terrace or to visit a beautiful exhibition – it’s all included in our unusual car puzzle routes.

As employer or entrepreneur, you probably recognize the predicament of what present you should give to your employee(s) or business relation(s) as a token of your appreciation. A LocalGroningen car puzzle route as Route-Present is a much desired and a very well-received gift by employees and business relations alike. Exclusive for the December and Christmas period, we offer the Special Winter/Christmas car puzzle routes. The perfect activity to end the year with – for your employees and your business relations.

The lucky recipient can choose the car puzzle route that he/she would like to drive when redeeming the gift card.

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Route-Present winter / Christmas special

Exclusive for the December month and Christmas period, various LocalGroningen companies have created a series of special Christmas packages. So, do you want a truly special Christmas present? Choose one of those Christmas-Route-Presents, available in 4 price categories:

  • Basic car puzzle route package + folder with (Christmas-styled) puzzles and games á €22,00
  • Route + Christmas package basic á €47,00
  • Route + Christmas package medium á €57,00
  • Route + Christmas package large á €67,00

Ordering for groups is also possible, or would you rather have a custom Christmas package for your employees? Simply contact us for the possibilities, and we’ll offer you a custom quote.

The packages are available in the following themes: Cocktail package, Culinary/cooking package, High tea / sweet package, the surprise package.

Route-Present winter / Christmas special

How do I order a gift card?

It’s very simple!

  • Choose your gift card and fill out the requested details. There is also space to leave a personal message.
  • Do you want to get the gift card digitally so that you can print and give it yourself? Then enter your own e-mail address.
  • Do you want to send the gift card directly to the recipient in digital form? Then fill out his/her e-mail address.
  • Do you want to give the Route-Present in a luxury gift box set (with extras)? Then fill out your e-mail address and add your complete address details in the empty text block.
  • The gift card has a unique code. When redeeming the gift card, the lucky recipient chooses his/her own route (and the optional Christmas package), and the date to drive it on via the website. Then, after the unique code is entered, the booking will be confirmed.
  • After confirmation, the recipient directly receives the first instructions via e-mail.
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