Met een autopuzzeltocht kom je verder

“Enterprising” is finding the right direction, puzzling, making new discoveries, getting customers to believe in your story, and staying on track. Sometimes it’s pedal to the metal, but always be able to brake in time to course correct and take a different trajectory.

The corona-time has taught us a couple of things:

  • entrepreneurs want to move forward, power through, continue doing what they’re best at, or taking a new trajectory;
  • the desire to meet one another and work together is big, but coming together with big groups in one space at the same time is not responsible yet;
  • there is still so much beauty to be discovered in the Netherlands.

Ingredients that naturally come together in the concept of our LocalGroningen car puzzle routes.

A LocalGroningen car puzzle route is like enterprising itself: puzzling, discovering new things, staying on track, and being rewarded when you’ve successfully completed the journey.

Company outing

During the car puzzle route, you and your colleagues will be seriously challenged. Navigating without a route planner has become a ‘pre-historic activity.’ Try to find the right trajectory, without taking any wrong turns. That won’t always be easy. The landscape and everything that you see down the road is very special, and can easily distract you from driving and navigating properly.

Down the road, you have to answer various questions and complete several assignments. The answers and solutions you answer in the app, and this way you can be in touch with your colleagues in the other cars. The party with the most correct answers wins the prestigious honorary title LG-Topper.

Concept: going out together in a special environment, enjoying the game and touring, and having fun at various stops where you’ll meet your other colleagues.

  • Suitable as group activity – suitable for everyone
  • Various stops to get out of the car, take a hike, or enjoy a terrace
  • Minimum of 3 cars
  • Can be booked with an elaborate lunch package full of regional products
  • Price from €27,00 per car
Company outing

Custom car puzzle route

Surprise your personnel, business relations, or regular customers with a special event: a custom car puzzle route in a theme or region of choice. Together, We’ll go through all your wishes, developments, and test the route. We’ll establish contact with all the stopping locations and organize the food and drink offerings. This will be a beautiful event with a personal touch and a golden lining. Contact us to learn about the possibilities.

Custom car puzzle route

Networking event

With the car puzzle route you get a good opportunity to network and meet other entrepreneurs who are just as driven as you are. Who also love beautiful journeys and enjoy the competitive game for on the road. Even farmer John loves to participate ;-)

X times per year we organize a special networking tour – each time in a different region, with a different theme. Entrepreneurs along the route are invited to participate – as participants or as a location to visit, for example.

The enjoyment and networking begins at the starting location, with a reception with coffee/tea and a treat. Down the road you’ll be spoiled with an elaborate lunch consisting of local products. The day is ended at a surprising finish location, with a delicious dinner and the prize ceremony.

The networking route can be driven in your own car, with your (business)partner, employee, customer, client – whoever you want as navigator.

(Contact us to learn about the possibilities)

Networking event

Voucher for personnel or (business) relation

There is something to celebrate within the company, or you want to thank your employees for their efforts and loyalty? You are searching for a unique gift for the annual Christmas present? – something else for a change? There is always a good reason; whether it’s the people who are important to your company, or to have a special celebration.

A gift for a LocalGroningen car puzzle route is guaranteed a successful present. You determine the value, the recipient gets to enjoy!

For cashing the voucher, the recipient choses the route that he/she would like to ride and the date to do it on – the rest, follows as usual.

Voucher for personnel or (business) relation