Invite new visitors to come to your place to eat, drink, sleep and enjoy Groningen's splendour

LocalGroningen offers local tourism companies and organisations from Groningen-Ommelanden the stage to present themselves attractively. Here, you can promote your company with attractive offers, special promotions and packages. Visitors are invited to book directly with you or buy a voucher, for example.

LocalGroningen is also an excellent place where you can develop new arrangements and products together with fellow entrepreneurs.

Present your unique offer, fun promotion or package

Registering on LocalGroningen is easy and free

Many businesses and organisations from your region have already registered with LocalGroningen. Registering is easy. Fill in the business details that are requested. Add logo, nice photo and a short explanation about your company. You can immediately complete your listing with a special offer or fun action. This way, you invite visitors to buy a voucher directly from you. Do you have questions or need help? Then contact us so we can help you directly.

LocalGroningen offers (small-scale) tourism entrepreneur a stage

Many small-scale entrepreneurs in Groningen-Ommeland with a wealth of varied offerings. But how do you make this visible to visitors who are looking for undiscovered places, prefer to ignore the hotspots, and want to enjoy themselves - away from the masses? LocalGroningen offers the small tourism entrepreneur a stage, to present themselves for free. The platform invites you and fellow entrepreneurs to work on new arrangements and products to make our province even more attractive to new visitors

Sponsors and partners

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