With your vouchers you attract customers to come to you to eat, drink, sleep, or recreate

Without any additional costs you can generate direct income on Localgroningen.nl. With your exclusive vouchers your company will get free exposure throughout the Netherlands, which ensures you of extra customers. Not just the Dutchies, but also international tourists plan their trips and look for the best deals on Localgroningen.nl!

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You can scan vouchers conveniently with a mobile app

As soon as your customers have bought their vouchers, they can directly make their reservations with you. The vouchers of your customers you can easily scan with a mobile application. With this app you scan the QR-codes on presented vouchers, after which you will directly see whether the voucher is valid, and what it is worth.

The voucher sales will be transferred directly to your bank account

Once a customer has purchased a voucher, the amount will be transferred directly to your bank account. This happens fully automatically and is completely free of charge for you as a company. We only charge a symbolic amount for customers to cover the support and maintenance costs of the Localgroningen.nl platform.

Sponsors and partners

This platform is made possible by the commitment, support and financing of the organizations below

Frequent Asked Questions

Are there costs involved for selling voucher offers via Localgroningen.nl?
Since Localgroningen.nl is developed to promote companies, we don't charge anything from the companies themselves. We do change a symbolic amount from customers in order to cover the support and maintenance costs of the platform.
How will I receive the money of my sold vouchers?
As soon as the purchase of the sold vouchers is processed, the money will automatically be transferred to your bank account. This transaction happens immediately, so you won't have to do anything for this.
How can I check whether my customers' vouchers are valid?
Once you have signed up your company, you'll get access to a mobile application that you can scan vouchers with. This app reads the QR code of a voucher to check whether it's valid and how much it's worth.
Can I sponsor the Localgroningen platform?
We'd love that! We welcome all kinds of sponsoring. Please reach out to us so we can discuss the way in which you'd like to sponsor us.
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