Car puzzle route “From Lauwers to Wad” – circle around Lauwersmeer

The route “From Lauwers to Wad” takes you through the history and development of one of the most special areas of the Netherlands: the Lauwersmeer area.

The route is named: “From Lauwers to Wad”, because the Wadden Sea and the once big river The Lauwers together created the Lauwers sea. How, when, and with what consequences you will discover during this journey.

It has taken 1.000 years to shape the area. The Lauwers Sea gave and took pieces of land; the sea has brought riches to fishermen and devoured villages.

After the dike closed off the area, within just 30 years the Lauwersmeer area was awarded a National Park status! It’s an area with international allure; nature scientists from around the world come in to witness the dynamism of nature in person. Why? Every year, the open landscape attracts hundreds of thousands birds who come for to rest in the peaceful and food rich area. The biggest reward for the areas has been the coming of the big sea eagle, who feels very much at home here and every year comes back to build a nest.

The area has a vast amount to offer visitors and tourists: unique nature, big variations in landscapes, the dark-sky-park, historical waterworks , and everything from Frisian manor estates to memories of the old fishers’ culture. All that in such a beautiful landscape, partly in thanks to the Wadden Sea it's now an UNESCO World Heritage Site, which since 1969 is safely kept behind the dike closure.


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Route information

Route information

  • Starting location: Bootverhuur Lauwers, Stadsweg 64, 9885 PC Lauwerzijl
  • Finishing location: Theemuseum, Hoofdstraat 15, 9973 PD Houwerzijl
  • Length of the route: ca. 78 km
  • Duration: 4 - 5 hours, depending on the amount of stops and trips.

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How does it work?

Catering during the route

During the route, you’ll get various tips for nice places to have lunch or stop for a drink.

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