Driving routes with the LocalGroningen Route app

With the LocalGroningen route app, you can discover the most beautiful places in Groningen and beyond, Relaxed touring in the region, enjoying beautiful landscapes and nature, unfamiliar villages and roads.
The app will show you the route and while driving you will hear all kinds of interesting stories about the origins, the history and special events of the places you come across.

Driving wrong is no problem; the app's navigation will put you back on the right path. Unexpected roadblocks and detours, the app knows how to deal with them too.

Want to take part in quiz questions while driving? Great! That way you will learn even more about the area you are driving in.

The app is suitable for driving in, and with, all vehicles. However, the routes are not suitable for very large, and heavy motorhomes and buses. After all, we look for the most beautiful, and unknown roads. (Sometimes also unpaved roads.)

We are still hard at work on a series of unique cycling routes.

Would you rather not hassle with directions on one of those tiny mobile phone screens? We understand that too. For most routes, it is still possible to order the familiar paper route books.

Content of the LocalGroningen app

The LocalGroningen route app offers the following features, among others:

  • unique route descriptions in the northern Netherlands
  • navigation screen, route directions with audio support
  • information about the areas, in text blocks and in audio clips
  • puzzle questions
  • tips for walks, cycle tours, addresses for museums, amusement parks, galleries, restaurants, etc.

In addition to the routes, the LocalGroningen app offers even more, e.g:

  • ordering gift vouchers
  • saving points for discounts on the next route
  • listing of fun and interesting companies along the routes
  • map material

An option under development Create your own route, and start driving it with the app's route navigation.

## How does it work?

## How does it work?

  • The app is suitable for iPhone and Android
  • Go to the App store or Google-Play, find the app LocalGroningen, and install it on your phone. It is free
  • Create your own account, with name, email and personal password
  • Also inform yourself about the privacy and general terms and conditions. These can be read via the app
  • Find the route you want to drive on the website, or in the app, and make a booking
  • You will receive confirmation via e-mail, with a link to more information about using the route app
  • On the day you booked the route, drive to the starting point. Once there, press 'start route', and the journey can begin.
  • If you have ordered the 'deluxe package', you can pick up a packed lunch with all kinds of local delicacies at the starting point.
  • The route is available for 48 hours. So if you were to stop halfway, you can complete the route the next day
  • Local entrepreneurs really appreciate it when you drop in on them. So take advantage of the tips we provide.

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The following routes can be driven with the LocalGroningen route app

More to come, coming soon:

  • Westerkwartier (in two routes)
  • Chimes in Friesland
  • Fivelingo
  • Hogeland, two cycle routes
  • Around Groeningen (round Zuidlaardermeer)