Discover Groningen by camper

Groningen is a fantastic traveling destination, a true “must do” for camper lovers!
The north is particularly suitable for a beautiful trip with the camper. Travel and discover with a nice route book on your lap – pure nostalgia.

The landscape varies from grand to vintage, from primal to picturesque. In Groningen, you can still discover places where (almost) no one goes, where the only thing on the far horizon is a farmer’s place or the church tower of a small medieval chapel.

Between the small picturesque villages, roads with castle like farms, endless horizons, and the intimate landscapes you’ll definitely be tempted to get out the camper for a walk. Experience the full magic that the Groningen landscape has to offer!

With the car puzzle routes, you go to places that you would otherwise perhaps drive straight past. We take you along in the story about the region, and let you discover the most special places that the area has to offer.

We have combined our car puzzle routes into a couple of multiple day road trips, both substantially different in character:

  1. Roadtrip I: through Middle-Groningen and Oldambt)
  2. Roadtrip II: through the Westerkwartier and around the Lauwersmeer.

Touring with the camper – experience the freedom.

Camper traveling lovers generally appreciate the freedom that a camper facilitates: going and standing where and whenever they want it. So, are you enjoying the camping spot that you’re at, or do you want to see more of the surroundings? Then you simply stay a couple of extra days.

That’s why we offer suggestions for good camper camping places, and the best addresses for delicious food and drinks. This way, you can combine your trip in the way you want it. Do you rather have the convenience of everything being organized for you? We love to do that too! Reach out to us to learn about the possibilities.

The road trips can be driven the entire year around. Keep in mind that the number of camping places that you can stand will be limited in wintertime.

Pick the roadtrip you’d like to drive by clicking on one of the links below:

  1. Roadtrip I: through Middle-Groningen and Oldambt.
  2. Roadtrip II: through the Westerkwartier and around the Lauwersmeer.