'Nature's Paradise Between Two Embankments'.

This route takes you along the intimate border region with stories of old fortresses and castles, of heroic deeds and smugglers. Formerly a sandy ridge surrounded by an impenetrable swamp, like an island in the moor. In this ancient landscape, little rivers meander, the land curves and undulates, hay meadows full of flowers

The route takes you, for example, past De Lethe, a special natural paradise with flowery grasslands where you can enjoy a diversity of fauna such as butterflies and over 40 species of songbirds. The fortress Wedde and the two fortified towns Oudeschans and Bourtange that played an important role in the battles and the esdorpen and, above all, a lot of newly developed nature by giving the rivers back their original course.
Discover the particularly picturesque character of this area.

The car puzzle route starts in the centre of the pretty fortified town of Oudeschans. The first 100 riders will receive a free ticket to the exhibition De Grote Nostalgieshow at the MOW in Bellingwolde. (One free entry per route booked). This museum explores the (artistic and cultural-historical) significance of the Groningen countryside, especially Westerwolde. From 4 June until February 2023, there is the new exhibition 'The big nostalgia show', longing for the past.

The finish location is in the beautiful fortified town of Bourtange. You can have a nice look around there afterwards and linger on one of the nice terraces or visit the fortress museum.

## route information

## route information

  • Start location: Oudeschans Fortress Museum, Molenweg 6, 9696 XN Oudeschans
  • Meeting point: Fortress Bourtange
  • Length: approx. 55 km (excluding optional suggestions on the way)
  • Duration: approx. 3.5 to 4 hours, depending on the number of stops. This tour can be ridden every Friday to Sunday.
  • The route book can be collected from 13:00. Along the way, you will receive various tips for a terrace, nice gallery, museum, walking route, etc.
# How does it work?

# How does it work?

  • Choose your package, your route and, if you already know it, date when you want to drive the car puzzle route.
  • Interested in the exhibition The Great Nostalgia Show at the MOW? Order this as an extra product and use the one-time discount code.
  • After your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link.
  • Use the link to download the instructions and introduction to the region.
  • At the starting location, you will receive the route book with route navigation and lots of information about the route and region.
  • The folder also contains questions with which you can win prizes.
  • An important task awaits the children, namely: solving fun puzzles and the car bingo.

Tijdens 1e Paasdag, 31 maart 2024, helaas niet beschikbaar.

Bij aankoop van het basispakket ontvang je het volgende:

  • gedetailleerde routebeschrijving
  • beschrijving bij bijzondere punten
  • autobingo en puzzels voor de kids.

(Prijs basispakket is per auto).

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