Fivelingo: 't wierdenland aan de stroomnelweg

Under the unique and ancient area of Fivelingo, one of the very largest gas fields in the world was found in the late 1950s last century. Since that discovery, people in the country and abroad have been able to sit there warm in winter.

But do you know the true charms of the area. Reading about villages like e.g. Loppersum, Zeerijp, Krewerd and Huizinge, it is all about yet another earthquake. Images shown are those of houses with cracks, beautiful farmhouses completely in shacks. But each of these villages has a unique and fairy-tale atmosphere.

This route introduces you to some of these mounds and villages. The story begins many centuries back and takes you meandering through the Fivelingo to a glimpse of the future. It's like being Alice in Wonderland in a strange fairyland, where you have to see the contrasts between old and new, small and big with your own eyes, otherwise you won't believe it

The name of the area "Fivelingo" could not have been better. The atmosphere of the name reflects the story of the area; like a fairy tale, charming, powerful, tempestuous and special!

To get you excited about this route, read this page=130 9 facts that are important, interesting and amazing.

Note! This route is not a puzzle tour with various questions, rebuses and assignments. As a route rider, you will get busy enough while driving, visiting places, listening to audio fragments, etc. ;-).



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## The Gas Colony - From national treasure to Groningen tragedy

## The Gas Colony - From national treasure to Groningen tragedy

The route was put together in collaboration with Reinalda Start, co-author of "The Gas Colony. As a proud native of Groningen, she was keen to show the area in its splendour, the area behind gas extraction. The sound clips and interviews that can be heard during the route are by Reinalda. For more information on the theme of gas extraction, order 'De Gaskolonie' - From national treasure to Groningen tragedy.

The book 'De Gaskolonie' highlights many backgrounds about gas extraction and earthquakes in Groningen. The authors asked politicians, scientists, people from the gas world, citizens and entrepreneurs, etc. for their views on the problems in Groningen and on the future of gas extraction. The book offers an illuminating insight into how our national pride - gas - has become a national headache. Authors: Margriet Brandsma, Heleen Ekker, Reinalda Start.

With the voucher in the goodie bag, router riders will receive a 5 euro discount on this interesting book.