Car puzzle tour through southeast Friesland - 'The Other Friesland'

The real connoisseur of nature, culture and history should be in the south-east of the province. This is because the car puzzle tour 'The Other Friesland' is not about water sports, sailing boats and fierljeppen, nor is it about the Elfstedentocht.

This road trip takes you into the stories of the peat diggers, and introduces you to a few stone-faced families who have been influential in what the area is like today. Sometimes you drive along dead straight 'peat' canals and other times you cross an ancient, winding river. You find yourself in mysterious forests, can wander over vast heathlands and discover the existence of pingoes and river dunes. Did you know that the very first inhabitants of our country - the Neanderthals - were very likely settled in this area? Even before the ice ages! That is 'primal'.

What do you know about the "free Frisians", about the Frisian Water Line, about the power of the wayward Frisian peat strikers? We bet that - after riding this route - Friesland has acquired a different image for you.

Basic package

Available from Wednesdays to Sundays

When purchasing the basic package for a LocalGroningen car puzzle route, you will receive the following:

  • detailed directions
  • description for special points
  • questions to win prizes
  • car bingo and puzzles for the kids

(Price basic package is per car).

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Luxury package

Available from Wednesdays to Sundays

Order 2 days in advance

  • everything from the basic package
  • extensive picnic lunch, homemade and completely composed with products directly from the region.

(Price per two persons. Additional charge for extra persons from € 12.50 pp for children; additional charge for adults is € 17.50 pp).

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## Route information

## Route information

  • Start location: De Slotplaats, Foarwurker Wei 3, 9243 JZ Bakkeveen.
  • Finish location: in the middle of Oldeberkoop near the St. Bonifatius church.
  • Length of route: approx. 67 km.
  • Duration: approx. 3.5 to 4 hours, depending on the number of trips and stops.
## How does it work?

## How does it work?

Choose your package below, and if you already know it, date when you want to drive the car puzzle route

  • After your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link.
  • Use the link to download the first information.
  • At the starting location De Slotplaats, you will receive the route book with route navigation, containing lots of information about the route and region.
  • If you also ordered the picnic lunch, it will be ready for you at the start location. Find a nice spot in the garden of De Slotplaats and enjoy a special lunch, or take it with you in the car.
  • Arriving in Oldeberkoop, you are at the end of the route. The route book gives a few suggestions for somewhere to eat or drink.

Catering during the car puzzle tour

LocalGroningen believes it is very important to support local entrepreneurs. We are therefore very happy with the cooperation with the new operators of De Slotplaats in Bakkeveen.

You can extend your booking of the car puzzle tour 'The Other Friesland' with:

  • A nice cup of coffee/tea with a homemade delicacy on the terrace before starting the route (order and pay on the spot).
  • Or order one of these delicious Slotplaats picnic lunches - prepared with a variety of regional products and homemade delicacies - when you book your car puzzle tour.

Special starting location - The Slotplaats

The route 'The Other Friesland' starts at a special starting location. It is not only the building and its surroundings that impress (the route book tells you all about it). Don't forget to take a look in the newly opened Coach House, with its beautiful shop selling all kinds of special products from the region. For children, this starting point couldn't be better; they can first play 'primalrrr' in the Oerrr forest.

Car puzzle tour 'The Other Friesland'

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